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 We offer Small Group Training  and workshops which allows 5-15 students per class as well as individual training and private consultation. Led by our professional [BWIF] instructors, who are able to tailor training to each individual’s goal because of our small group setting. Our session is designed to improve motivation, accountability, and get results. Our certified instructors will take the time to explain in detail how to master the craft of theater, cinema, film and media learn and how to  keep the passion of filmmaking alive! 

How Can We Help You?
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    B​​​​​​​WIF offers a two-week media arts program "My First Movie" which caters to beginners involving scriptwriting, filming, directing, production management and acting but not limited to other forms of creative arts. The program is designed to inspire the next generation of upcoming filmmakers. We will explore the creation of digital video production, equip the students to shoot, direct and edit their own video production. This training can also serve as community and/or volunteer hours under our Apprentice program.
    Community Outreach
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    BWIF host occasional Networking Film Mixers, Speaking Engagements, Training Events, Workshops, Occasional Fundraisers, Seminars, Recognition Awards Night, Movie Premieres, and an annual Writers Retreat. This safe-haven is designed to give upcoming filmmakers a wealth of knowledge, resourceful tools and hands-on training to succeed in their craft. ​
    Special Events
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    We are a creative team! Our members include Writers, Script Analysis, Script writers, Directors, Published Authors Producers, Editors, Talk Show Host, Podcast host, Make-up Artists, Wardrobe, Designer, Photographers, Motivational Speakers, Acting Coaches, Camera Operators, An all-female Production Crew, Playwrights, Stage Directors, Stage Mangers, and we continue to grow. That's right we are an all women crew! Our goal is to support film productions at every level.
    We Are Creative
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    BWIF accept screenplays [Short & Feature Films], Webisodes for script analyzation, script break-down and script schedule at a reasonable-scale fee. BWIF recruit a budget conscious crew for the succe We want to extend a helping hand to help bring your vision to past.
    We respect Micro- budgets